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From fax wrangling to insurance verification, Darby AI agents make it easy to get patients set up for service

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The benefits of

Hiring an AI Team Member

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Process referrals faster, with fewer errors and for less money
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Providers can continue sending referrals however they wish
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Seamlessly folds into your existing workflows

Empower your team through innovation

When Darby AI agents join your team, humans become free to focus on what really matters, and provide the quality care experience your patients deserve

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Rapidly review and qualify referrals

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Exhausted by time-consuming manual document reviews? People still relying on "tribal knowledge" to qualify referrals? Darby's Document Reviewer AI provides inline qualification assistance and automates PDF order processing, allowing humans to handle exceptions.

When document review is done, let Darby's Data Entry AI take over so your human team member can move on.

Stop waiting on hold

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Let Darby's Voice Agent AI take over tedious calls, such as for live insurance verification, and free human team members from long hold waits. The AI will try again if it gets disconnected and will report back with information collected on the call once successful.

Work on complete orders first

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Darby's Fax Wrangler AI sorts documents as soon as they hit your inbox, allowing team members to prioritize the referrals that have all required document components.

Stay audit-ready without extra effort

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Always have that next audit in the back of your mind? Darby's analytics module grants access to annotated PDFs of all documents reviewed with contemporaneous inline qualification. View at a glance if referrals met criteria and share evidence of compliance easily with auditors.

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"Without Darby our team has to hunt for each value and then manually type them into Brightree. We love that Darby helps our "fax wranglers" process orders more quickly and without keystroke errors."
SVP Operations
Public HME Company
"The Darby team has been innovative in their approach to best meet the individualized needs of our company. The software is built to optimize our operations and patient care."
Intake Ops Manager
Public HME Company

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