we make hybrid care possible

Darby simplifies at-home care delivery for vendors and their clinical partners

We reduce the administrative burden of ordering diagnostics, treatments, and medical equipment for your at-home patients

What We DO

Darby turns your medical insights into action

Think of Darby as your digital vending machine for delivering at-home healthcare

Our mission is to make it simple for clinical teams to order diagnostic imaging, labs, and medical equipment for their patients. We work with your preferred vendors to streamline the process of ordering these items.

How Darby simplifies

For Vendors

Increase your order flow with Darby

Darby allows you to automatically connect to hundreds of virtual provider practices

We automate order collection through APIs, making your network of recipients even broader

Streamline your order intake, reduce errors

With Darby, you’ll receive complete and compliant orders, the first time 

Stop fulfillment delays, increase customer satisfaction, and scale your business with high fidelity

Track orders throughout the process

Darby leverages API transactions to inform providers every step of the way

Reduce the admin to manually update providers through phone calls and emails 

For Clinical Teams

Darby helps clinical teams focus on their patients

With only a few clicks, we help you provide patient care at home

Our platform eliminates fax and alleviates the pain of ordering diagnostics and treatments for your patients

One password, one workflow, no fax

With Darby, you only need one platform to streamline the ordering process

Darby acts as your digital vending machine for medical equipment and diagnostics

Say goodbye to unnecessary admin

Darby allows you to track order progress every step of the way

Stop chasing papers, faxes, and phone calls, and focus on practicing at the top of your license


Charlotte Lawson, MD
Cofounder + CEO
Catherine Powell
Jackson Stone
Saurin Patel, MD
Chief Business Officer

Investors and Advisors